Hollyland Lark M1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

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About this item

  • 🎙Wide Compatibility--Lark M1 wireless lavalier mic works with all kinds of devices. Included a 3.5mm-TRS-to-TRS cable for cameras, and a 3.5mm-TRS-to-TRRS cable for computers/phones with 3.5mm port. For the NOT included 3.5mm-TRS-to-lightning cable for iPhone/iPad or 3.5mm-TRS-to-Type-C cable for Android phones, please purchase from the official suppliers.
  • 🎙Lightweight & Portable--Hollyland Lark M1 lavalier microphone weighs only 0.42oz with the size of a USB flash drive and fits all kinds of collars. The charging case takes 1.5h to charge the whole set and can charge them 2 times. Transmitters and receiver can work for 8 hours when fully charged. Each unit has a USB-C port for direct charging while working at the same time.
  • 🎙Powerful Self-Adaptability--Hollyland Lark M1 duo 2-person wireless mic has a powerful intelligent audio processing algorithm that simplifies its operation and achieves professional results. Ready to use out of the box. M1 wireless microphone system can identify and adjust to mobile/camera volume settings automatically, while still allowing manual pairing and working mode switching.
  • 🎙656ft LOS Transmission Range--Lark M1 lavilar wireless mic supports up to 656ft stable and reliable working distance in open space, and 130ft when you turn around or with obstacles between the TX and RX. Ideal microphone for video production applications like interview, vlogging, live streaming, wedding shooting, online tutoring, YouTube, recording, podcast, studio, etc.
  • 🎙HiFi Audio Quality & Noise Cancellation--Hollyland Lark M1 wireless mic, adopting LC3 Codec technology, has an enhanced 48kHz/16bit sampling rate. Lark M1 omnidirectional mic is able to record incredibly rich ambiance details. With a cutting-edge DSP algorithm, the lark m1 wireless microphone takes only one click to filter out the ambient noise, suitable for any recording environment.


What is in the box?

  • TX
  • TX
  • RX
  • Charing Case
  • Storage Case

  • From the brand

    Product Description

    hollyland lark m1

    Advantages of Hollyland Lark M1

    Tiny, but Mighty

    Lark M1 lav microphone comes with a charging case to ensure non-stop battery life all day long. M1 microphone transmitter and receiver have a Type-C interface that supports working while charging at the same time. You no longer have to worry about low battery situations.


    1. One-click Smart Noise Reduction
    2. CD-level Lossless Sound Quality
    3. Storage and Charging Two-in-One
    4. Intelligent Device Recognition
    5. 656ft Long Transmission Distance
    6. Wide Range Applications


    Details of Lark M1

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    One-click Smart Noise Reduction

    Lark M1 lavalier microphone, adopting innovative HearClear Noise cancellation technology and DSP algorithm, takes only one click to turn on and delivers high-performance recording quality in virtually any recording environment. When turned off, it provides a richer audio ambience and a real-life sound effect.

    Small & Portable

    Lark M1 wireless lavalier mic is super compact and lightweight, only 0.42oz and 0.4" in thickness. Designed with a built-in clip, it can be easily snapped on virtually collars. With a flat and sleek design, it's even smaller than a USB flash drive. It feel like nothing on your collar but a photogenic item.

    8h Long Battery Life, Fast Charging

    The Lark M1 micriphone can work up to 8 hours after a full charge. In full capacity, the charging case can charge the whole set twice, and keep them working up to 20h. It takes only 1.5h to charge the TX/RX. After a short break, the device will be fully powered again.

    Note: Each unit has a USB Type-C port for direct charging. You can record while recharging.

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    650ft Long Transmission

    Lark M1 lapel microphone's transmission distance is up to 656ft and the delay is less than 0.08s. Automatic frequency switching when there is interference. Upgraded Bat Obstacle Avoidance 2.0 transmission technology optimizes the codec algorithm for the audio wireless baseband transmission protocol, and improves the stability of long-distance transmission by 90%.

    HiFi Sound Quality, Rich Audio Details

    Using LC3 codec + up to 48KHZ/16bit sampling rate to achieve a sound quality beyond CD level, Lark M1 records sound for you without loss and compression. Its high sound is transparent and undistorted, and its bass is thick and magnetic. Let's make audio creation one step closer to art.

    Auto Device Recognition

    Ready to use out-of-the-box, no tedious setting. Lark M1 mic system will automatically identify the connected device (mobile phone or camera), select working modes, and adaptive volume settings. No manual adjustment is required.

    Note: Manual pairing and mode switching are still supported.

    hollyland lark m1



    1. After the receiver and microphone are fully charged in the charging case, they will automatically stop charging. When the units have not been used for a long time, the battery power will be consumed little by little. But when the charging case cover is opened again, it will be activated to detect the power of the receiver and microphone and recharge the units.
    2. When the charging case is completely power off, it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge a empty charging case without the TX/RX in it. When the charging case is fully charged, then it can charge 2 TX and RX twice.
    3. The receiver and microphone can be used while charging directly via USB Type-C port.


    hollyland lark m1

    Multiple Connection Methods

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    hollyland lark m1

    Connect to Android phones

    Connect Lark M1 receiver to Android phone with a standard Type-C to 3.5mm adapter cable.(cable not included)

    Note: For Samsung smartphone users, we recommend that you purchase the adapter cable from Samsung's official website.

    Connect to iPhones

    Connect Lark M1 receiver to iPhone with the original Lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable from the Apple official store.

    1.Mobile phone adapter cable: One end is black ( contact RX ) and the other end is gray.

    2. Apple's original Lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable.

    Connect to the computer

    Connect to the camera through a 3.5 TRS to TRS patch cable.(cable included)

    Connect to the camera


    1. Install RX on the camera.
    2. Connect to the camera through a 3.5 TRS to TRS patch cable.(cable included)


    Note: Set the camera recording volume to the minimum, and the RX output volume level to the middle to ensure the best recording effect.

    hollyland lark m1

    Lark M1's recording sound is too low. How to solve it?


    1. Press the [+] button three times at the receiver to turn the volume to the maximum. Lark M1 has three volume levels: high, medium, and low, and the default volume is set to the middle level.

    2. Clip the Lark m1 microphone on your collar and keep it a little bit close to your mouth. The farther the mic is from your mouth, the lower the volume will be.

    3. Please remove the insulating film at the bottom of the microphone/receiver. The audio is tuned in from the top of the microphone.