ZEBRONICS New Launch Thrum Party DJ Speaker, 230W

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  • BT v5.0 | USB | FM | AUX
  • Guitar Input
  • Dual 6.3mm MIC Input
  • Karaoke with instant karaoke maker
  • Recording
  • Dual Wireless UHF MIC
  • Remote Control
  • Dual LED Controls
  • EQ Visualiser
  • LED Display
  • Dual Volume Fader
  • Bass Boost Slider
  • Fully Functional Media Control
  • A-Z Mic Controls
  • Karaoke Maker
  • 3D EQ
  • 8x DJ BGM Effects
  • 12x Mic Pitch Control
Product Type: DJ Speakers


Kickstart the party vibes with the ZEB-Thrum, the ultimate essential for any bash! This speaker doesn't just play music – it throws you into a groove with its mind-blowing sound and cranks up the party mood with its vibrant RGB LED lights flaunting various modes. Snatch this fantastic audio sidekick that boasts extraordinary features like a bass boost slider, 3D EQ, EQ visualizer, dual volume fader, and dual LED control – all packed into one speaker, making it a standout addition to Zebronics' stellar lineup of speakers. Get ready to turn the volume up and let the ZEB-Thrum take your party to a whole new level!


Sustain the lively atmosphere indefinitely with the Zeb-Thrum DJ speaker, boasting an impressive 230W output power to keep the party vibes going strong.


Dive into the world of music and experience the captivating details and lifelike sound of the Zeb-Thrum DJ Speaker, equipped with powerful full-range 20.32cm drivers.


Enhance the audio output significantly by adjusting the bass boost slider located on the top panel of the speaker.


Take it anywhere and kickstart a party right there with the ZEB-Thrum DJ speaker.


The speaker offers a multitude of connectivity choices, catering to both wired and wireless preferences. Facilitating a smooth wireless experience, the speaker is engineered with BT v5.0 support. You can use your pen drive with the USB port on the speaker, you can easily play your cherished MP3 songs from your device. Additionally, the speaker provides a wired option through the AUX input. Inclusive of these features, the speaker also includes an FM radio for added convenience.